Commercial and Industrial

Taking on Commercial and Industrial Projects

When you require a metal fabrication as part of your project, look no further than OEC Engineering Ltd.  Using a wealth of  expertise and over 25 years experience, we carry out TIG and MIG welding for commercial and industrial clients.  Covering all ferrous and non-ferrous welding.  We can finish products with powder coat or leave them as bare metal.  We expertly cater for one-off work as well as multiple production runs and also offer guillotine and folding services.  

What’s more, to ensure our clients are never left without assistance when they need it the most, we offer an Emergency Call-Out Service.

      Delivering Your Project

All types of commercial and industrial companies rely on OEC Engineering Ltd to fabricate and weld their metal products.  In the past our projects have included: 

* Mortuary Equipment - trays, trolleys, racking, screens in stainless steel

* Glass Drop Trolleys (see right), 

* Clothing Banks 

* Tool chest

* Electric Key Box for marine use

* Dressage Mirror framework and installation

* Abattoir hooks

* Container to Candy Floss Kiosk

Alongside completing full projects, we also refurbish existing items and complete repairs.  Our repairs are often provided for industrial equipment, such as arcade machines and rides,  drilling rig (below), cement mixers and restaurant equipment, 

Give Andy a call to discuss your aluminium and stainless steel projects.

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